At present there are 8 teachers in the Chemistry department teaching approximately 100 students in each year at A level, with approximately 70 students in each year at GCSE.  The exam results are very good with 77% achieving an A*/A at A level last year and 85% achieving A*/A at GCSE.

GSCE students follow the AQA Chemistry GCSE Specification (8462) which is examined at the end of Form 5 via two, 90 minute exams.  In addition students must also undertake 8 required practicals during the course.  At Concord, Chemistry is a compulsory GSCE subject however approximately 50% of students continue with the subject at A level, with significantly more using their GCSE chemical knowledge to support their studies of A level Biology and Physics.

Sixth form students follow the OCR Chemistry A Specification.  AS (H032) has two 90 minute exams which are taken at the end of 6.1.  Unlike the previous specification, these AS exams don’t count towards the full A level (H432).  At the end of 6.2 students take the A level exams which consist of two, 135 minute papers and a 90 minute paper.  Throughout the course the students also undertake practicals which lead to a Practical Endorsement.  A level Chemistry is highly regarded by universities as an intellectually challenging subject.  A very good grade in A level Chemistry is essential for students planning to undertake a degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Biochemistry or Chemical Engineering.