& Wellbeing

Being a teenager is a difficult time.  Being a teenager away from home for the first time can be fantastic, but it can also be a challenge.  With this in mind, student well-being is very closely monitored.

The Boarding Parents, Tutors, Head of Houses, Boarding Division Heads, Head of Lower School and Pastoral Vice-Principal all take an oversight of this critical element of student development.  This can mean anything from a student’s friendships and emotional state, to their food intake and exercise regime.

We encourage students to lead a balanced life here at Concord with emphasis placed on academic study but not at the expense of personal well-being.  It may be of interest to know that the discussion of individual students is a standing item on the agenda of the twice-weekly Senior Management Meetings: this is evidence that individual student well-being is at the heart of Concord’s ethos and culture.