Any organisation that stands still will go backwards.  This is a belief that lies at the heart of development here at Concord.  Education should be a vibrant process that meets the needs of current pupils and prepares them for an ever-changing world. 

We must also continue to change and develop to ensure that we are ready to meet the needs of the Concordians of the future.  It is also my intention and that of the Concord Board of Trustees that Concord’s name should be synonymous with high quality in education and further to enhance its global reputation for excellence.

This means that Concord has the constant need to develop and refine the education, curriculum and facilities that we are offering.  With this in mind, I can confirm Concord’s ongoing commitment to accommodate boarding students in single rooms and to provide all 6.2 boarding students with en-suite accommodation. In addition, Concord is seeking to develop its classroom and laboratory facilities in the next twelve months.  £11 million is currently being invested in the creation of a brand new 21 laboratory science building.  This wonderful facility will also include a research lab and other teaching and administrative facilities.  This will enable the use of Concord’s former science building for the teaching and learning of other subjects.  In the next five years it is also planned to replace the current temporary ‘Sports Hall 2’ with a permanent purpose-built second sports hall.  In addition, Concord remains committed to providing a beautiful and spacious environment in which pupils can live and study: the 32 acre Hall Meadow at the front of the College will soon be ready for use as a sports and general recreation space.

In the longer term, it is also hoped that further funds will be made available for Scholarships at Concord.  The Anthony Morris Scholarship Fund has been established and is intended to be a fabulous asset for the College: its intention is to provide support to very bright students whose families might not otherwise be able to afford an education here at Concord.  We are also seeking ways to enhance Concord’s profile and presence in the UK and elsewhere.

Overall, Concord has an ambitious programme of development that aims to ensure that a Concord education can truly be considered amongst the best in the UK and in the world.

Neil Hawkins

Principal, November 2016