Concord College?

Concord is an independent boarding school.  85% of our students board and the College operates 7 days a week to ensure that students have a full and busy life.

This is one of the great strengths of a boarding education: time can be used very efficiently and it can also be a great deal of fun. The College week is full with lessons and activities Monday-Friday and tests for all students every Saturday morning.  Students have some free time on a Saturday after tests and on Sunday, but on both days there are optional activities in which they can be involved.

There are also a large number of whole-school weekend activities over the course of the year, ranging from an international food fair, music events, a fashion show, talent shows and many others as well.  There is also a programme of off-campus visits organised at the weekends that students are able to sign-up for.

The extra-curricular programme is also very elaborate with options ranging from formal sports such as basketball, football and netball through to activities such as yoga, pilates and modern jive dancing.  Musical activities are also very well provided for with choirs, ensembles, bands and numerous informal opportunities to develop and enjoy musical talent.  Beyond that the College has a Drama Club along with several charitable and outreach groups that do superb work each year offering support to organisations outside Concord and reminding us that leading a privileged life comes with responsibilities.