Music plays a central role in the creative life of the college and in the cultural and artistic development of all pupils.

Because of the college’s international status many students bring with them a wealth of musical tradition. The music department strives to provide a platform for all those students who want to share their musical experiences and explore the various opportunities on offer. Individual instrumental lessons are available on most orchestral instruments. There are many weekly music clubs & ensembles that students can join, together with a wide variety of opportunities to perform, from informal recitals, and the exciting House Arts Event and Talent Show, to the magnificent Mayor’s Concert at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

There is an opportunity to sign up for the ensembles and bands at the Enrichment Fayre that takes place at the start of the academic year. However, new members are always welcome, so if a student is interested in joining a group they can speak to the Head of Music.

In addition to the regular opportunities to perform within Concord, the music department also organises opportunities for students to perform external recitals, for example at Charity Concerts. There are opportunities to join the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra or Shropshire Youth Orchestra and perform with talented musicians from the local area, and where appropriate our most talented pupils are encouraged to enter for regional or national level music competitions.